Cableway Trapani Erice


The cableway is the best mean to reach the summit of Erice mountain. It is comfortable and fast and it covers the way in just 10 minutes with a beautiful panoramic view of Trapani and the Egadi Islands.

The system operates a single cable rotating on a loop on which 8-seat cable cars are attached, moving with unidirectional continuous motion.

The Trapani-Erice cableway includes two stations:
The lower station is located in Trapani at about 40 meters above sea level and has a rail to move vehicles in and out of the cable from an underground warehouse.

The upper drive station rises at 703 meters above sea level and is equipped with engine hoist and emergency units placed under the boarding floor. The plant is equipped with night lighting to be operated in the dark as well as with special vehicles for people with disabilities and for bicycles.

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